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Counting the history of light steel hacked

Misunderstanding 1: Light steel villas are easy to rust?

Misunderstanding index ★★★★
As we all know, the national galvanized steel material galvanizing standard is 60g / m2, the power company outdoor high-voltage tower galvanizing capacity is 160g / m2 (can guarantee 50 years of stainless in bare environment). National industry standards stipulate that for highly corrosive areas or special buildings, the galvanizing capacity should not be lower than 275g/m2 or the amount of galvanized aluminum should not be lower than 100g/m2, while the material of light steel villas is aluminized. The amount of zinc is 180g/m2, so there is no need to worry about rust and corrosion.
Myth 2: The light steel wall is so thin, it won't be cold if you live in it?
Misunderstanding index ★★★
Light steel villas are filled with heat-insulating and sound-insulating materials between the inner and outer structural panels. The outer walls are provided with breathable breathing membranes, thermal insulation materials, decorative hanging panels, and the interior walls are decorated with integrated wall panels, which not only can provide good thermal insulation. The effect, and the sound insulation performance is also excellent, not to mention the temperature in the south, even in the cold places like Northeast, Russia, the construction of light steel is completely no problem.
Misunderstanding 3: Will light steel villas be blown or scraped by the wind?
Misunderstanding index: ★★★★
The special “rib rib structure” of the light steel villa can effectively carry the horizontal load, and at the same time use a large number of pull-out parts to reliably connect the whole house with the foundation. For the floor and floor of the house, between the floor and the roof, long rods and shear connectors are also used to ensure the overall safety and stability of the house. Although the light steel structure of the house is light, but a house needs at least a few tons of light steel, plus the outer wall panels and wall fillers, a house with at least tens of tons of hundreds of tons, is not so easy to be wind Scratching.

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