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Light steel villa stair choice

The stairs are a fast-moving passageway for air. They allow air to move quickly from one height to another. When people go up and down stairs, they stir up the air energy, making the stairs move quickly to collect and nourish the air. To achieve this goal, the lower the gradient, 

Spiral staircase:

This kind of stair advantage is to save a space, give a person better sense and strong artistic quality when circling upward. In indoor applications, 270 degree rotation is best. If the rotation Angle is too small, climbing stairs is no problem. The stairs below are too steep to walk easily. The spiral staircase is beautiful, but not very practical. If there are old people and children in the family, walking can give people a sense of insecurity. These stairs are mainly used for the small attic of the top floor, and the large attic is rarely used.

Folding stairs:

This kind of stair is used extensively indoors at present, the form also diversifies. There are 90-degree folded stairs, 360-degree folded stairs, and even 2-degree folded stairs (the entrance and exit have 9-degree folded shapes). The advantage of this kind of stairs is that they are simple and easy to form. The design shall be good and the railing structure shall be properly matched. The downside is that, like a curved ladder, it requires more space.

Curved staircase:

The ideal staircase, with a standard line connecting the upper and lower floors. Shanghai is beautiful and comfortable to walk. It doesn't have the rigidity of a folded staircase, and it doesn't have the insecurity of a curved staircase. However, it must have enough room for optimal results. It is the first choice of large duplex independent villa.

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