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Famous light steel villa wooden house

 In addition to a small number of natural anti-corrosion wood, the vacuum-pressed coniferous wood is called anti-corrosion wood in the industry, and can have a service life of 20-50 years in the natural environment; other methods such as painting, soaking, etc. are all symptoms. If you don't cure the problem, you can't achieve the purpose of real anti-corrosion; the method of differentiation: after the sawing with the pressed material of the drying material, some preservatives of the sapwood will penetrate 85%-100% (but it will be difficult to penetrate the oil and heartwood); After the sawing of the wood directly treated by the material, more than 50% of the section is woody (more than 50mm is particularly serious), and it cannot be effectively penetrated into the wood cells. It is suitable for light wooden houses, and the painting soaking is similar. The coloring effect cannot be called true wood preservative; ACQ pressurized wood is dark green, and CCA pressurized wood is grayish green.

In fact, in Europe and the United States, these countries have high urbanization. When urbanization reaches a certain level, there will be reverse development. More and more people will yearn for rural life, so they no longer fall in love with urban life. Returning to the countryside, and the wooden house villas are close to nature, and the advantages of focusing on health are some of the favorite people who like to return to the real estate. Together with the beauty of the wooden house, it gives people a pleasing feeling, which is even more addictive, plus The Upper Chalet Villa is rich in a variety of negative ions, which can relax people's body and improve the body's resistance.
According to the research data, the fire-resistance value of wood-framed buildings is double that of steel-structured houses and doubles that of cement structures. Under the same temperature of fire, people in wooden structures have more time to survive and extinguish fires. Assembled wooden house flooring is a product that is more prone to problems in decorative materials, and is also a product that consumers complain more, especially solid wood flooring.

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