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Famous light steel house light wooden house

With the continuous advancement of society, people's aesthetic consciousness has been greatly improved, the scope of application of sauna panels has been increasing, and the sauna ceiling has been widely used in the current home decoration. The sauna ceiling construction process is very simple and convenient, and easy to install. However, when installing the electrical appliance in the sauna ceiling construction process, it is necessary to find a professional person, so that the exposed wire can be effectively protected. After the electrical installation, do the power-on test, and then use the leather hammer to make adjustments to ensure that the ceiling does not leave gaps. It is better to use drywall nails when sealing the panel to prevent the nails from rusting and loosening.
The preserved wood undergoes a color transition of the wood-colored brown-green color. This conversion process is completed in a year or so depending on the climatic conditions. Greenish grey will be the permanent color of preservative wood. The interior of the wooden villa is softer and more comfortable than the concrete building. The all-weather sunshine design, heat preservation and constant temperature, the natural heat is saved from day to night, energy saving is 65%, sound insulation, odor, noise is less than 30 decibels, more confidential, 97% out of the room. Releases negative oxygen ions for 24 hours to repair sub-health.

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