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How to maintain and maintain the roof and exterior walls?

1. Exterior wall: The maintenance of the outer wall of light steel villa is very convenient. It does not require large-scale construction. Just replace the surface material. Generally speaking, it is best to use a 5-year cycle. The surface of the outer wall should be regularly. maintain.

 2, roof: asphalt tile used in the roof, if the quality of the selection is better, its service life will be 20 years or so, as time goes by, it will gradually change color and age. I just think that it is quite good to change the design style, style and color of the house up and down for 20 years, so that the old house can be put on new clothes, which is better than the big one. For 20 years, I will also consider whether to change the mood of the house, change the color, and spend a small amount of money to change the appearance, it is like building a brand new house.

 3, special person is responsible: In fact, the maintenance and maintenance of light steel villas is not as inconvenient as imagined. If it can do the maintenance and maintenance work, its service life can reach more than 100 years, and most of the work does not require the homeowner to personally, and the construction company that is usually built will have professional construction personnel responsible for the later work. Save trouble and effort.

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