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Light steel structure analysis

1 Value for money

The cost of brick-concrete structures is typically around £800 per square metre, and the cost of light steel construction is about £1,200 per square metre. These are guaranteed prices, but they are also divided into regions. The specific cost is only a reference here.

2 Efficiency

Have you heard that you can build a big villa in less than a month? Light steel structure, short construction period. In this era, efficiency is money. Due to its fast construction speed, light steel villas are more complicated in traditional civil engineering or brick-concrete structures. For light steel structures, this difficult construction is simple and convenient.

3 Security

Light steel components are prefabricated at the factory to minimize common quality defects such as wall cracking and leakage, and improve the overall safety level, fire resistance and durability of residential buildings. The floor of the brick-concrete structure is preferably cast-in-place, otherwise it is prone to cracks, water seepage and other problems.

In the past, rural houses were basically red brick main walls, and later gradually became reinforced concrete brick-concrete structures. At present, light steel structures are becoming more and more popular in rural self-built buildings, while rural people prefer to build houses with large streams. Light steel villas seem to have the potential to replace brick-concrete structures.
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