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Light steel villa maintenance tips

Now light steel villas are becoming more and more popular in the public, and people have begun to accept this green and environment-friendly light steel housing. When the lightweight steel villa first entered the market, it was not recognized by the mass market. From the materials to the construction speed, it gave people a feeling of "unreliability". Always think this kind of house is not strong, easy to appear all kinds of problems, the later maintenance of the house is not to spend a lot of money. In fact, there is no need to worry about these, light steel villa is not imagined so "tsundere", in the maintenance does not need to spend a lot of money.

1, not randomly change the structure of the light steel villa: the body of the light steel villa is the national standard of galvanized steel sheet and high density EPS of the combination of a main body, and brick structure, literally tear down one of the components, the integrity of the building will be damaged, the wall is more can't go, if really need to change, so must look for professional construction personnel assessment before the replacement.

2, the installation line must have a special groove: light steel villa is an integral connection, users can not directly wire the wire on the steel structure, because steel is a conductive body, if there is leakage of electricity, it may occur a safety accident, can directly threaten the safety of residents. So the line must have a special pipeline or pipeline isolation tank, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

3, timely replacement and maintenance of the main structure of the building light steel villa paint coating is to protect it, need to check the structure paint status regularly. If the paint is no longer protective, scrape it off and brush it from the top to make sure the building is protected. The asphalt tile of the roof is changed according to the actual situation, to ensure normal use, as long as the maintenance of these, can extend the service life of light steel villa. In fact, at the beginning of the construction of the light steel villa will appear in the later period of the problem directly handled, so its maintenance and maintenance is not as imagined so laborious and hard, maintenance work well, light steel villa use 100 years is no problem.

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